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Succulent Letter DIY

In May, I graduated from university. I am now the proud holder of a Bachelor of Fine Arts, in Art with a Concentration in Photography from the University of Montevallo. Mouthful right? One gift I received for getting this long-titled degree was from a family friend through my mom. She sent me two wonderful packages.

The first one to arrive was bottle cap magnets with drawings of succulents coated in resign.



About a week(ish) later another package came in the mail. I quickly opened it and found a wooden W with moss inside. I was confused for a second and then I knew what it was.


I quickly read the instructions. You root succulents into the moss and then it can be hung on a wall and you have a cute succulent filled letter. It’s by Rooted in Succulents. Instantly I’m in love. The instructions include how to fill the letter and care for the succulents.

The first step: Get some succulents! I needed 15-20 small to medium succulents. I chose them based on color and types. I wanted to have a good variety of sizes, colors, and types. In total, I got 14. The larger succulents I counted as two since they would take up more room.


I went to Lowes and picked up my plants. They had a very good selection since they’re popular right now and it’s summer. I got a jade plant, firestorm, carribean, black rose, alpenglow, two pork and beans, two claire, two watch chain, and three aeonium domestticum variecgata.

Can we just stop for a minute and talk about how these succulents are called ‘pork and beans’? How do you get to name a succulent, or any plant, like that? Where can I sign up?


Second step: Gather supplies and moisten the moss. I took all my succulents outside onto the back porch. Other materials included my water jar, a bowl, paper towels, and my fingers.


Third step: Assemble! The instructions said to rinse the dirt form the roots of each plant. Since I don’t have access to a garden hose and I didn’t want to do this inside, I got a large bowl, filled it with water, and got to work. After I broke up the dirt and roots, I dunked it in the water bowl. It took a while to remove the dirt because I didn’t want to hurt the succulents roots too much. You just have to be patient.

The next step was to poke a hole in the moss a little bigger than the succulent stem. Once the succulent was firmly in the moss, cover the hole around the stem.


A few leaves came off in my efforts. I wasn’t too worried though; they came off the bottom of the plants. I put all the leftover dirt in the water bowl so I could throw it in the trees behind my apartment. I swept up and I was done!


I’m so in love with this! I love how the W shape is still legible even with the succulents in it. Now, I wait a couple weeks before I can hang it somewhere. I’m worried that the succulents got too much water but they are flood/drought plants so hopefully if I don’t water them for a while they’ll be okay. I liked it so much that I decided to make it into my logo! logo

Thanks for reading!

With Love,


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