Goat Milk Soap

Welcome back everybody! This week I’m home again with my parents. My mom wanted to make soap. She saw a goats milk and honey soap recipe on Pinterest and wanted to try it. So, off we went to Hobby Lobby and picked up supplies. We got three packs of goats milk soap, three scents, an eucalyptus essential oil, soap colorant, soap molds, and some bubble wrap.


Even though it sounds like a lot it wasn’t too expensive. Everything broke down like this:

  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil  $6.99
  • Soap Scent  $3.99 (we got three total so it comes to $11.97)
  • Soap Colorant*  $3.69
  • Goats Milk Soap  $10.99 (we used two which is $21.98)
  • Soap Molds  $2.49 (we got two so it comes to 4.98)
  • Block Soap Mold* $29.99 (with the 40% off coupon it was $17.99)
  • Bubble Wrap* ?? (I had ripped off the price before documenting it but it’s not too expensive)

We already had honey* and other essential oils. Everything listed above with a * behind it is optional. You can use food coloring instead of soap colorant and you do not have to have the block soap mold, bubble wrap, or honey. In total we spent around $67; however, without the optional tools it comes to around $45.


Once you’ve gathered your supplies, start by chopping your soap into squares and prepping the block mold. Cut the bubble wrap to fit inside the mold. What it does is mimics the look of a honeycomb. We wanted the soap to look like a honeycomb since we were using honey in the soap. However, we couldn’t find a honeycomb mold, so we improvised.


We did this before we melted the soap so that it didn’t cool too much before pouring it. Put all your soap in a microwave safe container. Microwave it in 30 second intervals. It took a total of about three minutes. Make sure to stir each time. It’ll help mix the soap together and all the unmelted soap to mix together in the middle.


Once the soap is completely melted, add the honey if you want. We used about a cup. Mix it in completely.


The honey won’t change the color of the soap, so we added some colorant. We played with how much red and yellow to put in. Just plain yellow was too bright so we added some red to create a pale yellow-y orange. Add any scents you want now, too.


Once you mix the color and the honey, pour the soap into the bubble wrapped mold. Cover the top with more bubble wrap. Let it sit and cool. We let it sit overnight.


In the meantime, I used the other block of soap to make some for me. Instead of mixing the color in the container, I poured some into the individual molds and colored and scented in them. I used lavender, honeysuckle, and Japanese lotus blossom. The honeysuckle and the Japanese lotus blossom smelled really good together. I also poured some into a plastic cup to cut gemstones out of.


The next morning we unwrapped the mold. It looked awesome. Even though the indents aren’t hexagons, it really mimicked the look of honeycomb. The goats milk soap is very soft so it cuts like butter; ours even looked like it too.



The end cuts will have the honeycomb on one of the long sides, while the middle pieces will not. My soap turned out really well. I used the scrapes from the gemstone shaped ones and made more gemstones. Hope you’re soap turns out awesome, too!


Thanks for reading!

With Love,


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